ArmsTracker Moves to the Cloud

Jason uses Tupaia
Tupaia extends ArmsTracker to remote mobile devices - Beyond Essential
Michael Nunan (Beyond Essential) and Sarah Pearson (DFAT) holding their Public Sector Innovation Award

In a quantum leap forward, ArmsTracker has partnered with Beyond Essential Solutions to power arms and ammunition record-keeping for mobile and hand-held devices.

Tupaia, named for the legendary Polynesian navigator, is Beyond Essential’s award-winning, cloud-based tech platform which provides critical public health and safety data in many remote regions. Supported by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tupaia won the country’s Public Sector Innovation Award (Digital and Data).

Beyond Essential leverages technology and data to improve decision making in low resource settings. Using innovative, collaborative solutions and working closely with local partners, they provide tech platforms for government agencies in over a dozen countries across a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, emergency management, supply chain and the environment.

The main strengths of the new Tupaia ArmsTracker platform will be:

* Security-first approach: With an extensive history providing government systems, and in particular stewardship of highly sensitive data, Beyond Essential has evolved a security-first approach. This ensures that data is encrypted at the source and in-transit, with a permissions and authentication model that reflects concern with control and ownership of data as well as a robust backup regimen.

* Domain-specific expertise: By using the experience and code unique to the tracking of arms and ammunition already built for the ArmsTracker desktop application, existing workflows, safety processes and data models can be extended. This dramatically reduces the amount of time and development required.

* Fully deployable ecosystem: Built for government agencies to host the entire solution on their own self-contained Virtual Private Cloud (or if they prefer, hosted in-house), this design prevents vendor lock-in and guarantees that hosting, data security and compliance are controlled only by the client agency.

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In coming months, the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction and Beyond Essential teams will work together. We’ll bring you the power and ease-of-use of the existing ArmsTracker stand-alone desktop edition, transformed for deployment to handheld devices in the most remote locations. Arms and ammunition record-keeping has come of age.