Reduce armed violence and
control arms at no cost*

The ArmsTracker Solution

ArmsTracker fills the most common gaps in national arms and ammunition control systems by enabling simple, accurate record-keeping and enforcement of weapon laws in local languages. Available only to relevant government agencies, this simple but powerful software digitises arms and ammunition records and can improve import, export, transfer and brokering controls; owner and small arms documentation; stockpile management and seizure capacity.

ArmsTracker enables tracing, reporting, identification, and interagency cooperation. It helps countries to reduce gun-related crime, trafficking, injury and death, reduce the risk of armed conflict and to comply with international arms control treaties and agreements.

Each installation is tailor-made for the relevant government agency to enforce national and regional laws and to complement existing systems. Consultation, customisation and installation is followed by user and stakeholder training and on-going engagement. ArmsTracker continues to be upgraded and optimised, and each update benefits all users.

ArmsTracker evolves and improves as each new government agency installs its own customised version, so far across Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Join the ArmsTracker Community to take advantage of International Assistance donors, and to fund an upgrade of your national or regional arms control system.

* ArmsTracker software, support packages and future upgrades can be arranged through international donors at no cost to ODA eligible countries.


ArmsTracker can meet your arms and ammunition management needs in record-keeping; stockpile management and destruction; import, export and brokering control; one-touch reporting; identification and tracing; illicit arms seizure and hot-spot mapping; system security and several other features in development.


ArmsTracker can assist your agency
to control arms and to reduce armed violence. Each version of ArmsTracker is custom-built for Police, Customs, Military, Executive and other branches of government, along with reporting agencies such as Foreign Affairs. ArmsTracker can also allow citizens to anonymously report illicit arms.


Interested in joining the ArmsTracker Community? We welcome a wide range of officials and agencies who are keen to keep up to date, share information, review version upgrades and suggest improvements or additional features. ArmsTracker is designed by world experts, but we need community and industry feedback to get it right.


people are killed directly in armed violence each year, according to the Global Burden of Armed Violence. Many more are killed indirectly as a result of armed conflict.


of the world’s population do not feel safe walking alone where they live, according to the Gallup World Poll. Fear of armed violence is high in many countries, and reducing this is a target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


of the world’s poorest will be living in fragile, conflict and violence-affected countries by 2030 if no action is taken, according to the OECD. Action must include effective arms control.