30-Plus Security Agencies Now Have ArmsTracker

Alistair Gee and Philip Alpers with ArmsTracker

The leading solution for weapon and ammunition management (WAM) in low-capacity settings, ArmsTracker is installed or under evaluation with more than 30 military, law enforcement, and other state agencies responsible for small arms, light weapons, ammunition, and explosives. ArmsTracker can be installed and maintained at no cost in ODA-eligible States, often with local support from our partner, the Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

Easy User-Customisation in Local languages

To meet the specific requirements of each national security agency, each ArmsTracker installation is tailored to local legislation and practices in Spanish, French, English, or Khmer, with more languages to come. Several times a year, free ArmsTracker updates include improvements suggested by stakeholders. Currently, our main versions are:

  • State Security: registers service weapons, ammunition, and explosive matériel held by military, law enforcement, border control, coast guard, prisons, park rangers, and others to ensure efficient, tamper-resistant stockpile management and reporting. Also records firearms, ammunition, and explosives held pending judicial proceedings or destruction.
  • Customs: designed to comply with the Arms Trade Treaty, the Customs version of ArmsTracker records all imports of arms, ammunition, or explosives until registered to an authorised end user. Exports are tracked from manufacturers, military, law enforcement, or civilian stockpiles to foreign buyers, peacekeeping operations, repairers, or shooting competitions.
  • Civilian: administered by police or interior ministries, the register of privately held arms and ammunition is often a country’s largest. If required by local legislation, ArmsTracker makes it possible for even low-capacity law enforcement agencies to monitor each transfer and to administer licensing applications, renewals and cost recovery.

Tamper-Protected Logs Prevent Diversion

ArmsTracker stores text and images to identify people and registered items, then prevents any deletion of data. The system keeps a secure audit trail of each transaction and the individuals responsible. Tamper-protected system logs discourage the diversion and illicit trafficking of weapons, ammunition or explosives, and are designed to support prosecutions. ArmsTracker can be used to securely track every movement of a registered item from its import or manufacture to its final export, loss, or destruction.

ArmsTracker also supports migration of legacy data from common file formats, generates reports for internal or external stakeholders, and simplifies national reporting to comply with international instruments.

ArmsTracker Video and Evaluation Copy

You can view or download a short video about ArmsTracker on this page, read more about ArmsTracker features at this page, or request a full-featured Software Evaluation Copy for your state agency on the footer of this page.

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