ArmsTracker Global Messaging

Boy and guns, Honiara

The ArmsTracker arms and ammunition management system continues its outreach with a strong new web site. We follow this in a range of media with a message to governments and their security agencies on each of the four continents in which we operate: ArmsTracker offers a core component of armed violence reduction to low capacity states at no net cost. Each installation of our system is tailor-made to meet the needs of an individual state security agency, its governing legislation and current practices. To learn how we do this, visit

ArmsTracker now has arms and ammunition management projects underway with more than 20 Military, Police, Customs and other security agencies in a dozen countries, as well as regionally for ECOWAS in West Africa. Our Centre is now focussed on assisting each agency to achieve its goals after deploying our small arms and ammunition record-keeping system.