ArmsTracker Records Cambodia Weapon Destruction

RCAF-CAVR 10000th Weapon Destroyed

ArmsTracker is being used by the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation in its US-funded project to record the destruction of surplus weapons for the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF). To date more than 10,000 weapons have been destroyed, with a target of 30,000. 

ArmsTracker is now available with all text and help tips displayed in Khmer, switchable to English, French and Spanish. Additional languages are added as required. 

The ArmsTracker weapon and ammunition management system has been requested by, and is deployed with state security agencies in a growing number of countries across Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America. 

RCAF CAVR Cambodia weapon types destroyed
Weapon types destroyed to date in this project – Golden West

ArmsTracker is an essential tool to verify destruction programmes and to generate the reports needed for governments, international agencies, donors and other stakeholders. In the past, and in a range of countries, seized and surplus arms and ammunition have been destroyed without verification. This risks diversion by sale or by theft to traffickers, armed groups and criminal networks. 

Accurate recording of seized and destroyed weapons and ammunition, particularly in public destruction ceremonies, can build trust between violence-affected communities and government authorities. Verification and transparency are seen as vital components of effective arms control. 

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