Preventing Diversion: ArmsTracker weapon and ammunition management

Weapons seized by HMAS Darwin from an arms smuggler in the Gulf of Oman - Royal Australian Navy

Since the adoption of the UN Programme of Action on small arms in 2001, record-keeping has been the most-requested category of international assistance. An effective record-keeping system is also a pre-requisite for other often-requested categories of assistance: stockpile management, transfer procedures and tracing. Despite this, an effective and affordable solution has eluded many States, Regions and donors.

The prevention of diversion requires a digital record-keeping system capable of following small arms through each transfer to final re-export, loss or destruction.  This solution must also enable easy reporting, identification and auditing of stockpiles.

State agencies with the fewest resources are now offered ArmsTracker, a low-cost, or a no-cost solution to enforce national laws and to observe regional and international commitments, in their own language.

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Event Details:

  • What: Zoom webinar
  • Why: BMS7 side event, UN small arms Programme of Action, New York
  • 30 July: 8am-9am (US Eastern Time)
    1pm-2pm (West African Time)
    2pm-3pm (Central European Time)
  • Sponsor: Australia
  • Moderator: Rachel Stohl, Stimson Center
  • Mines Advisory Group / MAG
    Centre for Armed Violence Reduction / ArmsTracker
    Beyond Essential Solutions