ArmsTracker Records Cambodia Weapon Destruction

RCAF-CAVR 10000th Weapon Destroyed

ArmsTracker is being used by the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation in its US-funded project to record the destruction of surplus weapons for the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF). To date more than 10,000 weapons have been destroyed, with a target of 30,000.  ArmsTracker is now available with all text and help tips displayed in Khmer, switchable to English, French […]

ArmsTracker Tackles Global Priority

An armourer issues a duty weapon

Despite decades of lip service and inadequate solutions, the mundane chore of arms and ammunition ‘record-keeping’ has long remained a pressing need in communities most at risk of armed violence. Now a comprehensive solution, rolled out initially in the Pacific and West Africa, offers to break the logjam.

Guns, Pandemic, Climate Change and Hunger

Preventing armed violence in Africa and Oceania is the focus of this Centre. Our efforts to avoid more gun death and injury are now accelerated by the effects of COVID-19 in Africa, and in the Pacific.